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A Passionate Artist

Each artwork that I sell is created with love and a desire to express myself.

Welcome to the World of Kaleidoscope Alcohol Ink Art

Kaleidoscope Alcohol Ink Art is a new business that allows customers to shop online for art  that is made using alcohol ink.

My Story

My name is Louise Schine, and I am a new and self-taught visual artist. My medium is alcohol ink, and I work primarily on canvas, and Yupo paper . I am a retired educator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked on all levels of education from preschool school through college, including teaching, counseling and administration.

An Appreciation for Music

While I am new as a visual artist, art is in my background. I began music lessons at the age of 6, which gave me a solid foundation in my professional life as a band and chorus teacher at a public school. To this day, I continue to participate in events from time to time in my church choir.

Inspired by My Mother

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed the arts as both a participant and as a member of audiences. Growing up, I watched my mother, who was a brilliant crafter. She arranged silk flowers, painted, made dolls, and created various items that fascinated and thrilled not only our family but many others as well.

As I grew up, I watched, helped, learned, listened, and tried to become a crafter like my mother was.

Discovering Alcohol Ink Painting

Many decades later, I was introduced to alcohol ink painting by a dear friend who was a fingernail technician. She used alcohol ink as nail art, and she suggested that I try the medium. I hopped on YouTube, did some more research, and was once again hooked. 

Expressing Myself Through Art

Using the fluid, brilliant colors allowed me expressive freedom that I had never experienced before. For me, producing art is meditative, and relaxing, as well as expressive. It is like my music – a place into which I can lose my reality-based conscious self while finding all of the emotional parts of myself in their purest form with no judgment, no speculation, just what and who I am at that particular moment in time.

Joy, time, exhilaration, sadness, fear, anger, and all other emotions can be expressed through art. In addition, sometimes my art brings joy and pleasure to others. When I can express myself and bring happiness to others, I feel that I have done something good not just for myself but for the person who enjoys my art.

Throughout my life, I have always wanted to help others and bring joy into their lives. If I can be expressive and bring happiness to others at the same I feel that I have done just a little bit to make my environment a better place.


Mission Statement

My mission is to create art  from my heart that people will want to display in their homes with pride and joy. Whether you’re buying a finished artwork or commissioning one to suit your specific colors and style preference, I hope that you will feel that your purchase has added beauty, style, and creativity to your life that you will appreciate forever.


The Origin of the Business Name

I have chosen the name Kaleidoscope because, like that delightful instrument that shows brilliant colors and patterns, each of my creations is beautiful and unique. Alcohol ink art allows the artist to create brilliant and lovely patterns, yet, because of the way that the ink flows, the same pattern can never be exactly reproduced. Therefore, each piece is completely one-of-a-kind.

As the owner, artist, designer, and creator, I take great pride and pleasure in producing art that is eye-catching and unique, as well as often being specifically created for the customer. 

What Is Alcohol Ink?

Alcohol ink is a relatively unknown art at present but is rapidly catching on in the U.S. There are two meanings for the term alcohol ink. The first stands for the painting material used, which is the alcohol in itself. The other term refers to the fluid painting technique that is used.

As the name suggests, alcohol ink is made up of a large part of alcohol mixed with color pigments. Because alcohol dries and evaporates so quickly, brilliant colors can be achieved with unusual effects. There is also the ability, even after the paint is dry, to “revive” the paint if you wish to change or add to the painting, simply by adding alcohol or more paint to the already painted surface.

Alcohol ink must be used on non-porous surfaces. This makes it perfect for working on tile, stone, and glass. One can also prime canvas with acrylic primer to seal the porosity of the canvas and thereby use canvas to paint on. Yupo paper may also be used. This paper is not so much paper as it is plastic and therefore nonporous.

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